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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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lived. we'll talk about that system coming up. >> all right, wyatt. swhat state of bath mother city? the city council says could be better. >> may not juror laying out her detailed plan for the future of the city. >> reporter: she says the way to do this is to keep the city viable. speaking to a packed city count swibl she outlined her agenda for 2013. she says a study shows that unless the city gets its fitnesses in order, they will find a way to get it back in order by 2015. she's looking for an end of pension and looking for new hires in favor of a 401k type
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system. the mayor says the city needs to be competitive and some tough choices will have to be made. >> altogether, we can reduce the size of our work force by at least 10% a thru a combination of attrition and eliminating vacant positions. we can achieve this all without major lives and without reducing the quality of city services. >> reporter: also on the mayor's list, building new schools and helping to guide the city's finances over the long term within something she says could help lower property taxes by as much as 50 cents over the length of this plan. and we'll have reaction to the mayor's state of the city speech. roosevelt left jj ridge, abc 2 news. president obama will late lei out his priorities in the state of the union address. a white house spokesperson says
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they will lay out the growth of the middle class. he will also speak about legislation reform and gun control. president obama will take to a different forum to address americans on wednesday at 4:50. the president will hold a google hangout. can you submit a question to the president president using the white house's yew youtube channel. tonight, we'll arm you with the best information to make your valentine happy. we but baltimore chocolates to the test. our very own love doctor oversaw this experiment. >> this is fawn story we'll wife you give you at 11:00. because it's the healthiest chocolate around, we used dark chocolate. we went to 3 different chock la
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tiers -- chock particular tiers. -- chocolatiers. one of them actually won baltimore's best chocolatier in 2008. we will also ask people to tell us which one was the best. we'll tell you the result and see exactly which one was the best. we're hoping we'll have a fun package for you. >> makers' mark is getting a bit watered down. the distiller is reducing the alcohol content in its bourn in an effort to meet rising demand. makers' mark was 40% alcohol by volume. -- was 80% alcohol by volume. they are reducing it to 42%. the taste test was not held at the national aquarium.
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a big day for new orleans -- the biggest day of the year in new orleans is here. well, besides the super bowl. it's mardi gras. we have our own bourbon street. i think there's a party every night. all the parties started back in january. all-new at 5:30, can you cross another name off the list of possible replacements for former baltimore county executive john leopold. >> he was found guilty of corruption, so he was kicked out of office. but the replacement will not be a former senate command a difficult data. >> reporter: mangino as lost last year's senatorial race to
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incumbent ben carden. but his name has been thrown around as a possible replacement for the ousted john leopold. >> we need someone to clean up county government and send a message that enough is enough. >> reporter: the but that someone will not be mangino. >> i want to run in 2014. i want my argument to go to the people. i will not seek any appointment. >> reporter: some speculated he might run for governor. he feel he is doesn't fit the bill for the county xekstive. >> the process on both sides, i hate to say it, but but it is almost beyond repair. if you are not a member of the new political air stock say -- new political aristocracy, you don't really matter. >> reporter: he feels that whoever is the next county executive has a difficult task in front of them.
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>> whoever takes the spot, voters should hold them accountable and clean house. they're not in it for, you they're in it for them. there's a difference. >> several other republicans have thrown their name in as a possible replacement for leopold, including first lady, former first lady, kendall irling. if you've been turned down for a loan, it may be because of an error in your credit report. fine out what to do to make sure your credit report is correct. >> and am may be expanding its offerings, wrist wear. it's an iwatch. >> and what happened to the bay bridge? obscure bid fog most of the day. if you look at the end, we do get a nice clearing to begin
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this monday. ow thing wills develop by end around here. you'll want to stick around for nap
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not sure if you noticed, but gas prices are inching back up again.
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experts are blaming increases in crude oil refinement costs for the increased price at the pump. the average price in baltimore is slightly slower lower. but if you head to abc2 and click on the gas prices tab, you can find some cheap price. the cheapest is $3.41 at the royal farms and costco. your credit report could be costing you cash. as many as 1 in 7 americans actually have errors on their credit report. those mistakes could cost you some money on a car loan or home loan. 98% of the credit reports are accurate. to be sure your report is accurate, look at your credit report from all 3 major credit bureaus. this might sound like some kind of device out of a james
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bond movie or bourne identity, but apple may be working on a smart watch. the new york times is reporting the watch would run on same operating system that powers the iphones, ipads, and some ipods. the paper claims apple is experimenting with a wrist strap device made of curved glass. you already have one, right, james? >> yeah, industry my abc weather app on my phone. a former green bay packers cheerleader becomes the target of online bullying, and begins fighting back. and a film critic has nasty words for melissa mckarr think that -- mccarthy that has nothing to do with her acting. what he has to say about her weight.
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closer to spring, and the days are getting longer, but wenter is far from done with us. we have fog second in up through philadelphia. some of this is reaching further south. we have some fog over bel air up through hatford. the breeze class has cleared some fog out of central maryland. bel air up into jarisville, some fog in that direction. right now, temperatures on the mild side, 54 in easton. the rain showers from earlier today, clearing out to the east. i think our trend will be a dry
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one. we should see sun breaking through the clouds for part of the day tomorrow. we bring in our next weather system through midday. this coming wednesday afternoon and evened, you see that rain/snow line right now. it will be right around the baltimore area. as the whole thing kicks out, wintry showers on the west side of this. our frontal boundary that brought the rain this -- this morning, that rain clearing out. our next wave of weather developing. this boundary will stay stalled tomorrow. it will be a true texas low, the kind of winter storm that can ramp up as a coastal system. it will be the type of hybrid system that could bring sort of that mixed round of precipitation, again, late
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wednesday intothursday frwhen we're looking for that. on the backside of this, there could be some snow. temperatures will be in the 40ed only to the upper to mid 40s that night. just realize, there could be slick spots or delays thursday morning. tonight, 35, partly cloudy and breezy tomorrow. 38. some clouds. we're chilly, around 30 degrees. wednesday more active through thursday. temperatures running in the 40s after that. and a secondary round of wintry weather due in late saturday into sunday. this weekend, it looks like there will be more cold air in place. that will mean a better chance for perhaps some accumulating winter precipitation. and we're getting in the part of the year where unless these
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systems come through overnight, it becomes more difficult for the snow to stick. so timing will be key. >> like we said, it is february. the highly-trained former officer who police say has already murdered 3 people still on the loose in california. >> drain day hicks is out there. she has the latest on a huge reward being offered in this case. >> reporter: 5 days into the man hunt for accused cop killer christopher dorner, the $1 million reward may be helping with a search that's gone cold. >> we are following up on over 600 clues that have come from the public. >> reporter: detectives are scaling back search efforts in the mountains east of los angeles, where dorner's burned- out truck was found. >> we may in fact there v the clue that leads to him in our hands right now. we just don't know. >> reporter: several false sightings have sparked a
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massive police response like this one at a southern california lowe's. >> you're seeing one guy with an m16, another with a shotgun. >> reporter: dorner claims he was fired from the lapd for reporting police abuse and vows to take out 50 high-value target, including police and their families. monica kwan and her fiance keith laurens are among the dead. a man claiming to be dorner called kwan's father and said he should have done a better job protecting his daughter. during last week's shooting spree, 34-year-old riverside officer michael crane was also killed. >> he use up the whole 24 hours every day. he gave, gave, gave. >> reporter: fuel ran services will be held on wednesday for
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officer cain. the district attorney has fired 4 charges against dorner, including first-degree murder. a man is taken into custody for calling in a threat against the school. >> 57th grader sent the school administrator a threatening e- mail. he said several people would be shot today and made references to firearms and ammunition. a former green bay packers cheerleader became the victim of some cyber bullies but now is striking back and inspiring others. >> katelyn collins is the cheerleader. the caption read like if you agree the packers have the worst cheerleaders in the nfl. the comments attacked katelyn's appearance, so she countered the bullying, posting a youtube video playing an inspirational
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song. katelyn hopes her story prevents others from being bullied. >> have a second thought before they type those nasty words or say those nasty words to somebody. >> administrators for the website pulled down the post with katelyn's photo and offensive comments. and actress melissa mccarthy's latest movie topped the box office. but a review attacked her weigh, calling her tractor sized and an enormous hippo. >> 90% of actresses are extremely skinny. when you have someone who's a little more overweight being successful, it will draw this type of attention just because
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it's not normal. >> several celebs have come to mccarthy's defense, including modern family's eric stonestreet. mccarthy herself is keeping tweet quiet on this one. one baltimore county public school has come up with a fun way to get kids reading. sharid john shows us how. >> hey, we're reading. and it's amazing. so grab a good book. and read with me maybe. >> reporter: kids put together this video that parodies the popular song call me maybe, called read with me maybe. >> we want our students to become more interested in reading, make it fun, make it interesting, have them think of reading as a fun activity. >> reporter: the goal of wood
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home almostry is to make learning fun. each year, the school host reading nights where students perform for parents. the schools' reading specialists put together the film. it was played during video announcements for-ups of students. >> we printed out the lyrics, and reading the song helped improve fluency. >> i'm roadwaying this book called goosebumps: the curse of camp cold lake. it's a good book. >> the video -- >> reporter: the video was posted on youtube and has become quite a hit. >> it's exciting, because we had some experience making slid owes. it was like a pro doing it.
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>> reporter: hopefully this experience will encourage experiences to pick up a book and... >> read with me maybe. >> that is great. way to go good home. 8 fifth grade students participated in the video. the student and several hundred guests sang the song during the blue ribbon assembly. it will be hard to top this next year. for women battling breast cancer, undergoing a mastectomy can be devastating. and a social worker is tied up and beaten in a northwest home and set on fire. how the suspect knew the victim and why police are looking for another person. we have those stories and a whole lot more coming up right here at 6:00. before copd...
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(announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. we're all getting revved up ab the most prestings awards of them all, the oscars. >> but last night was a night for the music industry to honor it own. we have highlights from the grammies. ♪ >> reporter: backed by a big band, just tin timberlake turned back the clock for his cbs home duet for nbc. and carrie underwood had a dress that danced with color. ♪ >> reporter: sting, rei an that and -- rihanna, and bruno mars
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led a troibt bob marley. >> reporter: and several stars had a tribute to brit hume. and ll cool j ended the night with an all-star rap session. ♪ check out your freezer tonight. >> find out why some lane cuisine raff owely is -- raff yellowly -- -- ravioli is being recalled. ballet coming up,


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